Stump Grinding vs. Stump Removal

We are so thankful for the rain! Everything is clean and green again. However, we have a shortened lawn seeding season this year. We all prefer to get the problem trees out of the yard before sprucing up the lawn for the cooler weather.

We get the question a lot about stump removal vs. stump grinding ~ so I thought I would write a little about both. Removal of stumps is required if you are installing a concrete footing or driveway. Removal can be very costly with equipment required to get the stump out of the ground, the cost of bringing in soil to replace the hole, grading and seeding the area.

If the stump is in a natural area or the lawn, stump grinding is preferred. There is minimal damage to existing lawn. The stump is ground down 5″ below the surface. The wood chips will need to be removed from the area, top with layer of dirt, and seed to repair.

We hope this will help you all decide which option is best for your lawn and garden. Feel free to give us a call for your tree needs!

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